The startup story of is truly unique. After a 9-year stay in different states in India, and moving back to Hyderabad in 2017, remembered the time in Gujarat & Maharashtra, when I used to carry sweets, snacks and pickles from Hyderabad. An idea struck, why not take the opportunity of making our traditional home made sweets & snacks made with the quality ingredients & Millets and other good old whole grains, available across different countries and help lot of women in providing healthy & homemade snacks for their families.

Today, is happy to have a customer base of more than 10,000 with more joining the platform every day. Our motto is very simple: provide the best value for buyers and ensure they get the most hygienic and delicious products one can get. the Brand of SAI CHAITHRA FOODS,  is a unique chapter in the modern e-commerce arena that has a significant role to enhance the user experience and offer absolute benefits to everyone looking for Online Shopping for Snacks in India. has an exclusive focus on creating and facilitating healthy snacking solutions across various coveted locations. Within the scope and ambit of online shopping and snacking habits, we continue to innovate and develop new ideas to bring the latest trends and most relevant solutions to our customers.

With time, we have been consistently expanding our user base which is only possible through dedicated customer service and support processes which otherwise seem to be a challenge to several e-commerce and e-tail entities.


Our objectives are fine-tuned to enable our users and customers to make the best use of platform which is designed to be user friendly as we explore the scope of improvement at every instance.


We upgrade our platform, communication systems, delivery processes and relevant mechanisms to stay on top of our customer priorities and preferences. Therefore is all about the Choice a user makes and gets it delivered as per the specifications and preferences.


Today, has a great range of product offering across popular categories including Sweets, Savories, Nuts & dry fruits,  & more. Your satisfaction is our commitment at!!


OUR VISION is to achieve a remarkable market share in the Indian E-commerce Snacking business by continuously adding healthy & traditional snacking options which are majorly from the kitchens/ recipes of our grand moms or moms to the customer, creating a highly interactive shopping platform that is built on innovation, enhanced technology applications and quality service commitment that enables ‘one stop shopping experience on any device’,

OUR MISSION therefore is to proactively accomplish our vision by upgrading our unique features, technology solutions, quality processes and standards of customer satisfaction from time to time.